A Rev Your Bev Day Reflection

My name is Mariel, and I am an 11th-grade Y-Ster at Powhatan High School in Virginia. Recently at our school we celebrated Rev Your Bev Day! This year, Rev Your Bev Day’s goal was to promote drinking water in new and exciting ways.

At our school, many of the students had a lot of fun sampling the different waters we provided. Many enjoyed comparing the bubbly water with strawberries and blueberries to the filtered water with lemon and lime. It surprised me that so many students were completely willing to fill out MOPs even without getting the samples or the giveaway items. While it was hard work, I had a fun day. I helped people recognize that they can have water instead of sugary drinks and still have a refreshing drink that tastes good.

Many students said that they would drink more water after the event. Since the event, I have personally seen more people who used to bring soda or Kool-Aid to school now bring water bottles instead. I can definitely say that knowing that we made a difference and helped people feels amazing!

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